The objective was to design a product and identity system around the name “Great Zeus.” To meet this objective, I decided to turn "Great Zeus" into a brand of condoms.

On the shelves, the product sticks out with bright packaging and contemporary design. The design aesthetics cater to a target audience of young adult males, who might be looking for something “new” to try instead of the same options that have been on shelves for years.

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Brochure & Condom Package Design

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Detailed Product Description

Great Zeus is a powerful line of condoms that are 100% tear-proof, feel like nothing, and are the most durable and revolutionary condom in the marketplace. Great Zeus is an affordable consumer product targeted at younger men 18-35. The concept behind Great Zeus was to produce something that would be fresh and new in the current dated condom market. This generation is constantly coming up with fresh ideas, and we wanted to capture that “out with the old, in the with new” mentality, so we wanted to offer them something that is powerful, one-of-a-kind, and brand new.

We saw that it was time for something revolutionary. The Great Zeus brand is strong, bold, and modern.. We want our customers to feel manly, powerful, and still classy at the same time.

The logo itself is grayscale, but it is accompanied by a vibrant orange. This color choice was simple, to capture the eyes of passersby and to fuel the excitement in the subconscious with a fiery color. The bright color also makes the condom package easy to find in a dark room. Great Zeus wants to stand out in anyway it can.