Children In Need

Children in Need started as a small group of people from San Antonio, Texas, who wanted to help children living in extreme poverty in Mazabuka, Zambia. We learbed about their ordeal when sister Celestine Daly visited San Antonio in 2002. Sister Celestine and the sisters of Mercy have helped Zambian children for more than 25 years.

When we first met Sister Celestine, she was in great need of material support to help these children. While some children still have one or both parents (although frequently ill from AIDS or other medical conditions), many are orphans being cared for by relatives and help from Sisters of Charity. The needs greatly exceed the resources available and too many go to bed sick and hungry.

Children in Need was founded in September 2002 to do something about the suffering in Zambia. Our group identified local schools and the regional Mazabuka Hospital as targets of urgent need. Both are in great need of all kinds of assistance. Today we feed breakfast and give vitamins to about 2,000 children attending different schools including Manyaana, Nziba, Siyowi, Simwaba, Itebi, and Namulonga. This is often their only meal of the day. we provide salaries for more than 50 teachers. We have builta school (Manyaana) that has an attendance of over 600 students and are actively expanding it with new classrooms, solar-based electricity and housing for it's teachers. We are also similarly helping other schools.

We have, over the years, donated to the Mazauka Regional Hospital. We provided several incubators, emergency equipment, dental supplies, oxygen genorators, surgical equipment (and renovated their operating room), linens and more. We have shipped large amounts of vitamins, antibiotics, sterile gloves and other much needed suplies. We provide salaries for nurses and hope to renovate the emergency room and provide more assistance someday.

Board of Directors